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UJA's Walk with Israel PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 May 2015 20:24

The Walk with Israel is just 3 days away!

 If you have not registered yet please go to All walkers must pre-register.

We will have a representing group of Kachol Lavan parents walking. The children will be wearing their Kachol Lavan Tshirts.

Please ensure to stop by Station 3 (dedicated station to the JCC’s).

 Please see attached for further details.

 We are hoping to see you there!


He Walked Through The Fields PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 June 2012 00:00

Click here for the English announcement of the play

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Purimon 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 March 2012 13:15

Our traditional Purimon is organized annually by the counsellors of the Tzofim. It brings the community together for a colourful, vibrant event in a cheerful Purim atmosphere.




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The Teletone Sets the Tone PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 November 2011 10:32


The 2012 Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto is underway. The Division volunteers started making phone calls to members of the community, and began fundraising for the community and for the State of Israel.


"I invite all Israelis in the city to contribute to our efforts to influence and help in fulfilling the strategic goals of the community on the upcoming years, which will empower and strengthen the resilience of our community and the State of Israel," explains Ron Masterman, one of the founders of the Israel Division, the Chairman of the UJA Israeli Forum and a member of the Management Board of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto. Today, representatives of the Israei community are integrated in the campaign committee, and each of them is also a member of the Israeli Division Board.

The Teletone event, which took place several days ago, showcased the wonderful cooperation between volunteers of the Israeli Division and those of the local Jewish community. "It is much easier to integrate [with the volunteer team] then is commonly thought. It really changed my views on the whole issue of community service. Contribution may not necessarily be of monetary value, but in any kind of volunteer activity in the community," says Hadas Hait, Coordinator the Tzofim's Shevet Hermon.


The Teletone is a part of the UJA's annual campaign and takes place several times a year. Each year before the High Holidays the UJA begins its fundraising activites , one of which is the Teletone. Volunteers make calls to members of the community who previously donated and ask them if they would like to make a donation again. In the past 5 years, the Israeli Division has recruited the Israeli volunteers join the Teletone and help with this important event.


Yael Carol, co-director of the current of the Israeli Division in the UJA's current campaign, has been active in the Federation for over five years and thinks that contribution to the community is of utmost importance. "As an Israeli, the integration of the Israeli community in the local Jewish community is very important to me. Many Israelis immigrants in Toronto have difficulty adjusting. Unfortunately, many of them lose the bond and connection to the Jewish and Israeli heritage," she says and points out that "as a mother of two children who attend Jewish schools, it is very important for me to ensure that our Jewish community here, in Toronto, will continue to prosper. I believe fundraising activities are an important way to teach community values to our children from a young age. I regard very highly the development of strong young leadership amongs different age groups, in order to instil the value and importance of our tradition and heritage."

Yael adds that the UJA recognizes the importance of creating multi-cultural programs for Jewish communities in Toronto. "There are many people with special skills, whose abilities and leadership can be channelled to benefit our community. It is important for me to reach them and I would love to see them involved in community life in a meaningful way."


Avi Bugler, co-director of the Israeli Division and a member of the advisory board of Kachol Lavan, has long been active in the Jewish community in Toronto. Explaining that anyone can contribute their own way, he says "volunteer activity itself is of utmost value. Personally, I enjoy working in the Israeli Division. I feel like I am contributing a lot, which gives me a much satisfaction. As a volunteer I believe in giving back to the community. My children attended Jewish schools. If it wasn't for their Jewish education and ours, I do not know where we would be today. Some of the UJA's activities are not publicly known, and include financial support for families in need".


"In order for us to have educational and cultural events in the community, we each have to take part and contribute. The successful play The Spanish Garden, which the audience enjoyed so much, would not have possible without the Israeli volunteers. Fundraising events such as the Teletone reveal the immense influencing power of the Israeli community," adds Avi Bugler.


"We invite more and more Israelis to take part and volunteer so that we become one large and strong community. This way, we can achieve common goals for the welfare of our community and the State of Israel. The Federation Management Board thanks the Israeli community for its contribution to the overall success [of community events and activities]. As well, the Federation acknowledges and appreciates the leadership and volunteer spirit of the community", concludes Ran Masterman.

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Israelis and Canadian Jews in Toronto – How do We Build a Future Together? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 November 2011 21:06

We are pleased to invite you to a unique event:

An open dialogue between Israelis and Canadian Jews – how do we build a future together?


The prevailing view is that there are many differences between the Israeli community and that of the local Jewish community in terms of mentality, behaviour, culture, outlook on life, Jewish identity and Jewish community involvement.

However, despite the apparent differences, the two communities are intertwined with each other at present, and will be so in the future. That is given their shared, important goals of building a strong Jewish community and strengthening the Jewish heritage pride, as well as, of course, supporting Israel.


Cooperation between the two groups, based on mutual understanding and respect, is essential to strengthening the Jewish-Israeli community.
Join us for this fascinating open dialogue:


Wednesday, November 23, 2011
7:00 PM-9:00PM
Prosserman JCC, 4588 Bathurst Street
Room 107
For more information and RSVP, please contact:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Or call (416) 635-2883, Ext. 5316
The event will be conducted in English. Admission is free. Space is limited.

The event will be conducted in English. Admission is free. Space is limited.



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